Three men arrested as doctor falls to her death in suspected honour killing

Three men were arrested after a doctor was allegedly beaten before falling to death from a balcony on the sixth floor to invite a colleague to her home.

According to the local media, protests broke out across Egypt after the death of the 34-year-old woman in Cairo.

It is alleged that three men – the landlord, the doorman and the victim’s neighbor – forced her way into her home after she invited a male colleague into her home.

She was reportedly either killed or fell while attacked.

None of the men have been charged so far, The new Arab reports.

In a statement, the Egyptian National Council for Women said it had offered assistance to the doctor’s family.

The landlord has reportedly denied any violence, claiming instead that the victim committed suicide during a “mental crisis”.

Calls have been made to call for the punishment of men as activists call for an end to massive discrimination against women.

This came after the Egyptian government proposed new laws that would make it illegal for women to sign their own marriage contracts – which means they will have to get approval from a male relative.

Changes to the country’s civil status law would also allow men to annul their marriages without their partner’s consent.

Opponents say the changes will “take the country back 200 years”.


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