Three new features coming to Instagram live streams!

Live broadcasts, one of Instagram’s most used features, especially during the quarantine period, will make things easier for users with three new features that can be added. It extends the duration of live broadcast videos from 60 minutes to 4 hours. Plus, you get the option to record live broadcast videos for up to 30 days. Live broadcasters are also added to the Discover tab. Here are three new Instagram live streaming features:

Three New Features for Instagram Live Streams: Get What Users Want!

Instagram announced new features for live broadcasts on Instagram yesterday through its Twitter account. You will see the duration of live broadcasts lasting up to 4 hours, live broadcasts not clearing up for 30 days, and also a “Currently Live” section in Explore in the IGTV application. This way you see more live broadcasts on Instagram.

Instagram already allows users to save live streaming videos on IGTV. With this new update, there will now be a separate archive section for live broadcasts. This way, videos from live broadcasts are available for 30 days before being removed.

Meanwhile, the company says the longer duration of live streams is meant to enable broadcasters such as fitness trainers, musicians, artists, educators and even activists to connect with their audiences for longer. All these functions are available to any user.

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