Three-quarters of over-80s in UK now vaccinated against Covid

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock said three quarters of all people over 80 in the UK had been vaccinated by Sunday morning.

“(This) is absolutely brilliant progress,” he said, speaking to Skys Sophy Ridge on Sunday.

“A similar number of nursing homes, around three-quarters, and in fact we have vaccinated more people in the past three days than France has in any history of the disease.”

Mr. Hancock said, “We would like to have more information about the new variants abroad” and added, “We are working on it.”

“We have learned about the virus all along, and one of the big questions right now, after you have been vaccinated, is how much does this affect the transmission of the virus? This is one of the key questions that will affect how fast we go Can take measures.

“We would like more information on the new variants we have seen overseas, especially the two particularly worrying variants that come from South Africa and Brazil, and we are working on it, but we are constantly learning more. ”


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