'Three-week-old baby rescued' from Salisbury train wreckage

A witness recalled the moment when a firefighter lifted a baby from the wreck of a train after it collided with another in a tunnel.

the mirrors Corinna Anderson was involved in a train collision in Salisbury yesterday.

After one of the trains was thrown off the tracks, the other crashed into it from behind.

No one was killed, but 17 people were hospitalized for treatment for minor injuries.

Ms. Anderson, 51, of Derby, said that BBC: “I heard and saw that there was a three week old baby on the Temple Meads train who was rescued from the train by the fire department and luckily she is fine.

“As I got off my train, I saw the fireman holding the baby in his arms and then I saw the mother deliver the baby and they were taken away for medical treatment.”

The 17-year-old passenger Dimitri Popa from Romania was on the train from London to Sherborne and said: “I was sitting in the first car and there was a huge row.

“Then I saw the flames and was pretty scared and all the lights went out.

“The car was 45 degrees to the right. We didn’t know where we were or anything. We were all so shocked.”

Sailor Morgan Harris, 20, who was traveling to Yeovil from London Waterloo, said he was thrown from his seat due to the effects of the big crash, adding, “Everything went normal, then suddenly there was … that massive bang and all the lights went out.

“There were sparks and flames from where we went off the track and there was a lot of ash coming from outside.”

The crash affected the Great Western Railway’s 5:08 p.m. train from Portsmouth Harbor to Bristol Temple Meads, which was hit by the South Western Railway from London Waterloo to Honiton at 5:20 p.m.

The British transport police were called to the scene at 6.46 p.m. and set up an accident center at St. Mark’s Church in Salisbury.

A UK traffic police spokesman said: “The officers are still responding to the incident in the Fisherton Tunnel.

“A number of people were injured, but luckily no one died.”

One of the train drivers is said to be trapped, but is now outside the cab and receiving treatment in the hospital.

Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps said an investigation into the crash was underway.

“My thoughts are with those who were involved in the serious railway accident near Salisbury,” Shapps tweeted.

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