Thugs beat council officer with mop after he tried issuing littering fine

This is the shocking moment when two thugs hit a council official with a wooden mop stick after attempting to impose a garbage penalty.

The footage shows the 35-year-old victim pleading with two men while one shouts for racist abuse and the other runs after him and hits him with a wooden pole.

Raja Malik, 30, and Mohammed Nawaz, 50, tracked and attacked the victim after he caught women flicking cigarette butts out of a car window on Pickford Street, Kates Hill, Birmingham on August 12.

After spotting the car later parked on Jasmine Street, Dudley, Birmingham, the officer begins to gather details of the women.

But Malik then emerges from a house and confronts the officer with the argument: “Everyone throws cigarettes. Where does it say you can’t throw cigarettes outside? “

The confrontation soon becomes abusive when Malik starts hurling racist abuse at the worker, saying, “Get the shit off of my property, you white mother.”

Bodycam footage also shows Nawaz rushing to intervene and approaching the throwing officer while the women try to hold him back.

Nawaz then runs with a wooden pole in hand while Malik chases the officer further up the street before hitting the officer with the mop pole, forcing him to break into several pieces.

The council worker then tries to escape while begging the two men to leave.

West Midlands Police identified the couple and went to meet them on August 30th to speak to them at an address on Jasmine Street.

Police bodycam footage shows officers kicking a door after being asked to open it several times.

Officers can then use a picture to confirm they have the right people, with Malik and Nawaz belonging to a group of men on the property.

Both of them, who appeared at Wolverhampton Crown Court on May 27, were asked to pay the victim £ 500 in compensation.

Malik was sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment, suspended for two years, after being charged with assault and racially aggravated assault.

And Nawaz was charged with assault and assault weapon charges and sentenced to six months’ imprisonment, suspended for one year.

The victim was bruised from the attack but was not seriously injured.

Dudley Police Inspector Pete Sandhu said: “This was a really shocking incident, violent attack and racial abuse against a council contractor who was just doing his job.

“The women who saw garbage stayed calm, got engaged to the policeman and urged the two men not to interfere.

“But they ignored their pleas, threatened the victim, and Nawaz smashed a wooden stake over him as he tried to withdraw.

“There is absolutely no excuse for this type of behavior and the two men should be ashamed of their actions.”

Dudley Councilor Karen Shakespeare, Cabinet Member for Public Space, said: “We applaud the verdict. This was a despicable act against a law enforcement officer who was doing his job to keep our district clean and tidy. “


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