Tiers may be needed after lockdown lifts – but should be different

Experts say England may need to return to the plains to keep coronavirus under control after lockdown.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will publish the roadmap for leaving England on February 22nd.

The government has stated that they want to take a national approach rather than levels when they can.

Professor Mark Woolhouse, professor of infectious disease epidemiology at the University of Edinburgh, told the science and technology committee that as the nation returns to a tiered system after the lockdown ends, more data will need to be considered, including vaccination protection and hospital admissions.

He said: “It can vary from region to region, from city to city, and that must be taken into account. If there are areas where coverage is lagging and too many of these most vulnerable groups are still not vaccinated then I think that would be a very important criterion for how to relax and give an area. “

Professor Dame Angela McLean, Science Advisor at the Department of Defense added, “This is how we used the tiered system – we waited until the prevalence was high before moving it to a more restrictive tier.

“What we should have done was say, ‘Look, this part of the country, the number of infections is starting to grow. ” [we should have] Put them in higher tiers during their infection [rates] were still low. “

She added, “It was the way we used the animal system that we need to do differently this time – to use the levels to act when the prevalence is low but growing.”

Prof. Woolhouse added, “The sooner you act, the less drastic you have to act.”


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