'Tiger King': Cardi B Wants to Free Joe Exotic From Jail By Starting A GoFundMe

Everyone is obsessed with Tiger king right now, especially Cardi B.

In fact, the rapper is really part of the Joe Exotic team after watching Tiger King: murder, chaos and madness, the most talked about news docuseries on Netflix.

The hitmaker “Money” has served incredible quarantine content, including her viewing of the seven-part bonkers series, which follows the story of the eccentric zoo owner who was arrested and is currently serving a 22-year sentence prison sentence on two counts of murder for rental and other charges.

In a word, Tiger king follows Joseph Maldonado-Passage (aka Joe Exotic), owner of an unregulated zoo in rural Oklahoma, and the story of his epic feud with Carole Baskin, founder of Big Cat Rescue and animal rights activist. Then, in a crazy turn of events, Maldonado-Passage finds himself in prison for allegedly hiring an assassin to assassinate Baskin (don’t worry, she is alive and well).

On Thursday evening March 27, Cardi tweeted her frenzy live and revealed that she did not think Maldonado-Passage should be in prison, despite her conviction. The rapper said she plans to create a GoFundMe account to free him from prison. “He will be free,” she wrote on Twitter.

“They made Joe so dirty again and again,” added the rapper.

Cardi too is not the biggest fan from Baskin, like many viewers who couldn’t really tell the difference between Big Cat Rescue and the zoos against which it is mobilized. She even asked her disciples to respond with their thoughts. “Who you think is the most wrong,” she asked. “Joe narcissistic? Or Greedy Carol? And why?”

Cardi is obviously not the only celebrity obsessed with Tiger king. Everyone from Jared Leto to Chrissy Teigen and Kim Kardashian can’t stop talking about the real thriller. Leto even disguised himself as a Maldonado-Passage for his waking evening and I will never get over it.

Other stars, including Dax Shepard, hope to be screened in a future biopic or a series based on Tiger king.

They may just have a chance. According to Deadline, Kate McKinnon is about to star and produce a limited TV series under development at UCP. Based on the podcast Joe Exotic: Tiger King, the miniseries will follow Baskin (McKinnon) on his quest to defeat Maldonado-Passage.

It sounds like the perfect cast if you ask me. Hopefully Cardi will make an appearance in cameo.


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