TikTok gets another week to not be banned in the USA

Donald Trump’s administration in the United States has extended the deadline for Chinese company ByteDance to sell the North American division of the social network TikTok by another week. According to Reuters news agency, the new deadline is December 4, 2020.

The decision was laid down in a US court decision and the developer has not yet commented on the decision. The company has been trying to prevent or delay the need to sell even more through parallel actions for several weeks. If you don’t meet the deadline, TikTok could be banned in the country.

Donald Trump’s decision was originally made in August, but the 90-day deadline was ultimately neither met by ByteDance nor charged by the government as the US election period was near.

And now?

With the end of the trial, which ended with the victory of the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, the question was raised again and even the possibility of ending the ban was considered as the direction of the trade war with China is in the new administration unknown. . However, the government transition won’t take place until January 2021 – and Trump, who was still in office, returned to file for the sale.

A consortium between Walmart and Oracle, two companies in the United States, is currently in advanced negotiations to make the acquisition.

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