TikTok viewers in tears as Labrador ‘sends’ new pup to watch over owner in emotional clip

TikTok viewers were moved to tears at the video, which depicts an emotional conversation between a late Labrador and a new French Bulldog puppy

The owner’s deceased dog tells the new pup to take care of the owner

A TikTok video left viewers sobbing after a dog owner shared a touching tribute to his beloved late Labrador.

When her Labrador Joe sadly passed away, the owner welcomed the French bulldog Kevin at home – and in the heartbreaking clip of @kevin_the_frenchie , imagine a conversation between the couple.

“She talks about you all the time,” reads a caption, while the adorable Kevin can be seen on the screen. “And she misses you very much.”

The video then shows the older chocolate lab Joe with the caption: “That’s why I sent you to heal her heart. Take care of her for me. “

The owner of Kevin and Joe admitted that they “yelled” while making the video and urged people in their comments to “appreciate every day with your fur baby.”

Kevin’s and Joe’s owners imagine what the two would say to each other


TikTok / @ kevin_the_frenchie)

Thousands of TikTok users were touched by the emotional video, and owners shared their tragic experiences of losing their own beloved dogs.

“I know how much you miss him,” commented one person. “My Maxy, the same story and a chocolate [Labrador]. I can now sometimes think of him without crying. “

“The hearts of our animals can live longer than their bodies,” said another. “I miss all mine who watch over me.”

Others confirmed the bittersweet experience of having a new puppy after losing a dog.

“It made me cry so bad,” admitted a third person. “I’m in the same boat. I just had a new baby after losing my previous one in June. “

“We lost our boy to lymphoma in March,” added another. “And he just sent us a new boy who needs extra care.”

Kevin and Joe aren’t the only dogs who have left TikTok viewers in tears lately.

More than three million people were touched by an uplifting video from Rottweiler Pluto of what it might look like when your dog greets you in the afterlife.

Caption: “You arrive in heaven, this is how your best friend greets you”, shows the emotional clip of Pluto jumping in slow motion through a field towards the camera, a happy grin on his face.

“I started sobbing as soon as I saw this and thought about that day,” commented one person on the tearful video.

“Tears in my eyes – I really hope this is true,” added another.

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