TikTok Will Let You Rate Movies And Series From The Application

TikTok Will Let You Rate Movies And Series From The Application

TikTok: The Internet has opened the door for anyone who has something to say about a topic that interests them. The most ‘critical’ are the ones who end up posting reviews on the sites of everything that matters to them, and many don’t take long to post a few lines on the main websites that they know will be a reference for are many.

But now the process will be much faster if it fits into one of the major movie reference websites since Rotten Tomatoes has partnered with TikTok to make their new Jumps.

The critic in you

We are in a time when it is very easy to access a large number of series and movies. The internet is to blame for this, and we say it for good because any user can open a page and watch movies from the latest to the great classics. The same happens with the series, where there is more and more offer and a very good one. But the latter, the fact that the offer is very good, is something subjective as everyone thinks about it in their own way.

And that is also reflected in the large number of sites where users wonder what they have seen. But best of all, you no longer even have to visit the web where you want to do it, but have another app do it for you. With the concept we mentioned before, we have to bring you good news and that’s that TikTok takes you straight to Rotten Tomatoes.

TikTok takes you straight to Rotte Tomatoes

“Film and TV clips and sound bites have taken pride of place in TikTok’s For You feeds and commentators often ask for more information about the content they discover,” he said in a press release.

This function will be active in those video pieces that have some of the series or movies of the moment as protagonists. When it comes to checking out more information, the app will direct you directly to the page dedicated to the site, which will greatly facilitate discovering what could be your new favorite series or movie.


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