Time for Biden to Dial Down the Lincoln and Dial Up the FDR

Joe Biden has been on the campaign trail for over 50 years. Now, after decades of speculation, several false starts and three formal applications for the presidency, he will finally take over the highest office in the country. To a greater extent than anyone else on the American political scene, he anticipated and prepared the job he will take on Wednesday. As such, Biden understands that the address he holds after being sworn in as 46th President must not only be the best of his career, but also one of the best in the 232 years since it was first opened.

The challenge that Biden faces is profound: He must bury the legacy of a predecessor who instigated a fascist uprising to reverse the results of the 2020 election. And he has to outline a bold agenda for combating a pandemic, mass unemployment, a climate crisis, systemic racism and the broken priorities of a federal government that consistently over-finances the military-industrial complex and under-finances the human needs of a society overwhelmed by hunger and homelessness.

Few newly elected presidents have seen such a difficult circumstance as the one Biden will have to address on Wednesday. It’s only been two weeks since Donald Trump instigated the uprising. It’s only been a week since the outgoing president was indicted. Trump’s Senate Trial is being organized while armed forces guard the Capitol where Biden is to be sworn in. But Republicans in Congress and cable television experts already are encouraging The president-elect focuses his address on “healing” and “oneness”. To that end, the next Democratic president is being urged to channel Abraham Lincoln, the Republican who took office on the threshold of the Civil War.

“Abraham Lincoln is America’s Better Angel – Joe Biden Needs His Spirit” urges a Guardian Heading. Over at Fox News the message reads: “How can Biden unite America? Renew Abraham Lincoln’s call to “bandage the wounds of the nation” with this observation: “Lincoln knew that all Americans are brothers and sisters.” These calls will appeal to Biden, a veteran Washington insider who ran for the 2020 presidency who preaches comity and reconciliation. At such a contradictory moment, what could be better than repeating the inaugural poetry of the 16th President? Why not talk about how “The mystical chords of memory that stretch from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearth in this vast land” could “make the Union’s chorus swell when they are touched again by the better angels like them will certainly be. ” our nature ”?


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