Tinder Gets ‘Blind Date’ Mode In The App

The dating platform Tinder has added a new feature to the app that replicates a real-world form of flirting: the blind date.

Blind Date is a “social experience” that puts you and another user in conversation based on common tastes and responses to a pre-submitted questionnaire.

As the idea is to judge the person on the other side by chat and likes, it’s only after a little chat that the pair receive the link to each other’s profile and can “Match” the traditional way.

How does it work?

On Blind Date, previously submitted questions are multiple choice and may involve topics such as “I put ketchup in…”. The pair are joined based on common responses and the window is timed, meaning you have to convince the romantic interest that you’re worth it before time runs out.

According to the platform, in the tests performed, the amount of “Matches” was 40% higher in blind dates than in other quick chat features with visible profiles. The company believes that this modality is more “fun” and “authentic”, especially pleasing the younger audience.

The new feature is part of “Explore”, the tab of new possibilities for conversation and meetings based on specific rules and filters. The launch took place this Thursday (10) in the United States and should arrive in other regions soon.

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