To Build Back Better, Progressives Need to Fight Back Harder

MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez entered the meeting between MPs and President Joe Biden on Thursday with exactly the skepticism the moment demanded. As the president prepared to outline another “framework” for a stripped-down domestic agenda, the progressive New York Democratic representative said, “We need security.”

“I think the legal text is a mechanism to get there. I think we are open to other mechanisms, ”Ocasio-Cortez told reporters. “But it has to be something more than the back of an envelope.”

She is exactly right.

Progressives cannot avoid demanding that the details of a scaled-down social infrastructure bill, “Build Back Better,” be ratified and approved by all Senate Democrats before the House of Representatives decides on the bipartisan $ 1.2 trillion physical infrastructure plan approved who is the top priority of business -friendly “centrists” in Congress. Without a precise text describing the plan and without a clear commitment from Senators Joe Manchin (DW. Va.) And Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), The members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus have to persevere.

Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) Is accurate when she says members need to know what is in the President’s framework before the House acts. “We want to see the actual text because we don’t want any confusion or misunderstanding,” says Jayapal told reporters. MEP Cori Bush (D-Mo.) Reiterated this point when she said she was waiting for both details and a clear signal from a united Democratic Senate. “I need to see text, but I want a Senate vote,” she said. “At the moment I’m still there.”

Bush has the support of Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Who told reporters, “I think before the House of Representatives votes on the Infrastructure Bill, House Members have a right to know that 50 US senators support a strong reconciliation law. “

Negotiations are not conducted. In fact, they are at a critical stage. Activists understand that. They are not calling for Biden’s plan to be rejected; they demand clarity. “Over the past year, progressives in Congress have played a vital role in keeping the Build Back Better Act on track, even in the face of a multimillion-dollar corporate lobbying campaign to kill him in his cradle,” read a letter published Thursday morning Dozens of groups including the Working Families Party, Justice Democrats, Greenpeace USA, the National Organization for Women, Our Revolution, People’s Action and Social Security Works. “Now we are on the home stretch. By sticking to tightly linking the Build Back Better Act and the bipartisan Infrastructure Act, the progressives are giving their Senate colleagues the space and leverage to negotiate the strongest package. “


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