Today has been the hottest March day in the UK for more than 50 years

Today was the hottest day in March since 1968, the Met Office said.

In the afternoon, highs of 24.2 ° C (75.5 ° F) were recorded in St. James’s Park in central London – the highest March temperature in 53 years.

Crowds flocked to Bournemouth Beach in Dorset, The Hoe in Plymouth, parks in London and other outdoor areas as Britain entered what the national weather forecast called it “a time of exceptional warmth.”

The Met Office said on Twitter: “The temperatures today exceeded 24 ° C in places. This makes it the warmest March day in Great Britain for 53 years.”

However, in northwest Scotland there is a yellow national severe weather warning for rain today and tomorrow.

The chief meteorologist Steve Ramsdale said yesterday: “In Great Britain until the end of March there will be a few days of particularly warm weather with a maximum of 24 ° C on Wednesday in the south and east of England. There will also be plenty of sunshine in England and Wales, but parts of Scotland will see persistent rain for the next few days.

“Conditions will change as the day progresses on Thursday when cooler air flows in from the northeast. The highs fall into mid-teens before continuing to fall through Friday, particularly along the east coast. However, with the pressure building up from the north, conditions are expected to remain dry for the majority.

“By Sunday, an even colder pool of air from the north-west will penetrate across the UK, resulting in a significant change in temperatures compared to the beginning of the week. This also leads to a movement towards less cleared conditions with stronger winds and the chance of winter showers.”

The Met Office said: “With high pressure over the southern parts of the UK, temperatures will rise until the beginning of the week. By Monday the cloud will break up from the south and bring sunshine to many parts of England and Wales by evening, with temperatures going down expected to reach 19 ° C in the east.

“Further north, the persistent rain continues in north-west Scotland, where a yellow national rain warning will apply until Wednesday morning. In east Scotland, although cloudy, it will be drier and temperatures of up to 18 ° C are expected.”


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