Today’s Trucks came side by side with Tesla Semi, which looked like it came from the future

Introduced in 2017 with a contradictory look, Tesla Semi was eventually viewed alongside today’s traditional trucks. The photo was shared on LinkedIn by Jerome Guillen, president of Tesla Automotive.

About two and a half years ago, Tesla, the pioneer in electric and autonomous vehicles, introduced the new Tesla Semi heavy car. Tesla Semi, which is to replace the traditional trucks of today, has caught the attention of the world with its innovative and simple appearance.

Tested to this day, Tesla Semi continues to be appreciated for its ‘coming from the future’ look and driver’s cab in the center. However, although the vehicle was often displayed while carrying loads on the road, we did not see photos that gave an idea of ​​what traditional trucks looked like. That photo was shared today by Tesla Automotive President Jerome Guillen.

Tesla Semi and today’s trucks side by side:

Jerome Guillen, president of Tesla Automotive, who shared on LinkedIn, added a frame that clearly shows how Tesla Semi stands next to traditional trucks. Sharing the photo once again understood how innovative and special the Tesla Semi had.

Of course, Jerome Guillen, who shared the article, included a statement highlighting Tesla Semi’s innovation. Starting with his words, saying, “A little pause after good deliveries in the second quarter,” Guillen said, “The alien came to save the dinosaurs” for Tesla Semi.

When the shared photo was examined, it was again seen how Tesla Semi offers the driver innovations compared to today’s trucks. Tesla Semi, with a window covering almost half of the vehicle in front, offers the driver an incredible field of vision compared to the trucks next to it.

Tesla Semi has been tested since its introduction in 2017. The truck of the future is said to have a range of 500 to 800 kilometers, according to what was said at the time of its introduction. However, Elon Musk later stated that the mass production version of Tesla Semi will have a range of approximately 965 kilometers.

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