Toddler's cheek ripped off in horror dog attack during family trip to beach

WARNING – GRAPHIC IMAGES: RosieMay’s mother Sarah, from British Columbia, Canada, shared how she suffered from a panic attack after the attack when she saw her baby’s face so badly injured

RosieMay has had several surgeries to rebuild her face since the horror attack

A horrific dog attack resulted in a baby’s cheek ripped off during their first family picnic on the beach.

Little RosieMay Fitchett, 11 months old, had been petting two small dogs out of her aunt’s arms when suddenly a larger animal rushed towards her.

The animal tore off a piece of her cheek under her eye, leaving a large wound that covered her with blood.

The baby has had multiple face rebuilding operations since then and spent his first birthday in a hospital in British Columbia, Canada.

The horror incident happened when her family went to a beach for their first meeting in July after the lockdown.

Family members had asked permission for the baby to pet a group of dogs that were all on a leash.

The attack occurred on Nakusp Beach in British Columbia

The toddler had been petting two smaller dogs when the third fell in her face, bit her cheek and tore off a piece of meat.

Her mother, Sarah Warren, said the family didn’t even have time to put her in her car seat, instead the baby’s grandmother held her when she was rushed to the hospital.

Sarah shared how she suffered a panic attack after seeing her baby’s face so badly wounded.

“It was super heartbreaking to see my baby go through this,” she told the Sommerland rating.

RosieMay has had a blood transfusion, more than 50 stitches and plastic aftercare since the horror attack.

After her initial admission to a hospital in Kelowna, she was flown to BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver for another operation.

She should also receive vacuum therapy to shrink the wound and a skin graft after the reattached cheek tissue died.

A GoFundMe page set up in July to help out the family had raised nearly £ 17,000 to date.

The girl’s mother shared her heartbreak while watching her daughter go through so much pain

Organizer Deanne Nixon said the money will be used to fund medications, medical supplies, travel expenses and future surgeries that may not be covered.

Mother Sarah, who has three dogs of her own, said the dog that bit her daughter was euthanized.

“As sad as it is, once it happens it will do it again and next time it could be a kid’s life,” she said.

Just last week the Spiegel reports on a retiree who suffered life-changing injuries after being beaten by a Japanese Akita in a violent attack.

The woman, in her early 70s, was vandalized by the family’s pet at her home in Wolverhampton, West Midlands.

She was left with catastrophic injuries, including partial amputations, as it should be.

Police arrested a 40-year-old man who was suspected of being “dangerously out of control” for a dog.

The dog – which is not a prohibited breed – was “humanly” destroyed, West Midlands police said.

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