Tom Brady wants to trademark 'TB X TB,' a phrase the Buccaneers used in a video

Hey, remember that hip video the Tampa Bay Buccaneers looking to introduce Tom Brady as their new quarterback last week? The one who started out with some crazy flashy images of Brady behind the letters “TB X TB”?

Pretty cool slogan, huh? You know, the initials of the six-time Super Bowl champion multiplied by the initials of the city he now represents – TB squared, if you will.

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Brady seems to appreciate the slogan so much that his agents, Yee & Dubin Sports, filed a trademark application for it last week.

According to the application, the intention is to use TB X TB on clothing, including shirts, trousers, shorts, sweatshirts, sweaters, sweaters, nightwear and headwear.

The application was filed Friday, the same day the Buccaneers posted their “TB X TB” video.

It is unknown who came up with the slogan or whether the Bucs intended to use it on their own merchandise. Maybe the two sides have some sort of arrangement. Who knows.

It may not matter after all. Although Brady or his agents have been successful many times in the trademark of the TB12 nickname, the player attempted to obtain a trademark for Tom Terrific last year. The United States Patent and Trademark Office rejected that filing because of its close relationship with New York Mets legend Tom Seaver.

Maybe it will suffer the same fate. But if not, the Buccaneers may be happy to know that TB squared is still available.

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