Tony Romo ripped for strange analysis during Bengals-Chiefs game

Championship Sunday wasn’t a banner day for Tony Romo.

CBS’ top NFL game analyst was criticized on social media for his analysis at the end of the Bengals’ AFC Championship game win over the Chiefs, which earned them a trip to Super Bowl 2022.

When the Chiefs got deep into Cincinnati territory with less than two minutes left in regulation trailing by three, Romo mentioned how there were several “scenarios” in play. He floated that the Chiefs may want to try to run as much clock as they could before scoring, and also suggested the Bengals may just want to let the Chiefs score a touchdown quickly so they’d have time to try to engineer a game-winning drive.

Neither scenario seemed to make any sense. The Bengals had the lead and surely weren’t going to willingly give it up, and there was no guarantee the Chiefs would score a touchdown. The Bengals ended up holding the Chiefs to a field goal that forced overtime.

Tony Romo had some puzzling analysis during the end of Sunday’s Bengals-Chiefs game.

Twitter, of course, had plenty to say.

The Bengals opened as Super Bowl 2022 underdogs against the Rams, who will host the game in Los Angeles at SoFi Stadium on Feb. 13.

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