Too Hot To Handle Season 2 Release Date And Here’s What We Know

Too Hot to Handle has turned up the heat at Netflix, but we feel like Season 2 will take things up a notch. Here’s what we know about Too Hot to Handle Season 2, including the premiere date.

When Too Hot to Handle premiered on Netflix, the streaming titan had confirmed his status as a legit reality TV champion. But while we knew we were going to get TV gold, we didn’t expect this kind of addictive series!

Needless to say, Hot to Handle immediately became our brand new guilty pleasure. Fans loved the series so much that one of those contestants, Chloe, will be joining another Netflix fact favorite, The Circle Season 2, which premieres April 14.

Too Hot to Handle follows a bunch of hot singles who are simply looking for a pointless hookup (s). And this is exactly what they think they have signed up to perform. What else could you do on a beautiful island resort?

The twist shocks them when they learn that the goal is to hold all hands. Whoever makes the finish line wins $ 100,000.

How many seasons are too hot to handle?

There is only 1 season of the truth shows streaming on Netflix, but more to come!

Will Season 2 of it be too hot to handle?

Yes! In fact, another season is coming. As reported by Elle, Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle has been extended for two more seasons, so season 2 and season 3 are on.

How many episodes are too hot to handle season 2?

We’re not sure how many episodes Season 2 will feature, but Netflix has discussed that this new episode will premiere on Wednesday.

Too hot to handle the season 2 release date

While we don’t have a formal premiere date for the upcoming season, we know it will arrive right after Season 2 of The Circle. In the announcement by Netflix, the streaming titan shared that The Circle season 2 will end in May and Too Hot to Handle will take over in June.

That said, season 2 will premiere in early June, with the first few episodes set on Wednesdays.

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