Tools and tips for a more efficient education period

Tools and tips for a more efficient education period

We are at the peak time of school reopening, whether online or face-to-face, and educators, parents and students are looking for ways to best prepare for success.

Schools are offering some tools and apps, including Apple’s tablet, iPad, to make education more engaging and accessible. With iPads with features and performance to suit users’ needs and budgets, and optional cellular connectivity, they can continue learning when they can’t find a Wi-Fi hotspot or the connection is poor.

Apple says it is working to support educators, students and parents during this period. Apple offers useful distance learning videos and free resources such as virtual conferences and free one-on-one virtual coaching sessions on the Apple Learning From Home website. Moreover, these are all organized by Apple tutors. Especially for parents, it offers new and easy-to-use guides to help them organize the iPad for learning, guiding them through using screen time, creating an engaging story, and creating guides with creative activities and getting started with coding.

Apple’s Education Resources on the App Store

Children 30 Creative Activities: Fun, constructive and creative activities for children aged 4-8 to be completed using the built-in features of iPad and iPhone. The activities are suitable for this age group and your child can work independently on these activities. It is also possible to customize the activities for the whole family.

Quick Guides for Learning with Apple: Three guides designed to help busy parents manage screen time, manage screen time, and tell stories, with 5 quick tips each, to get the most out of iPad and Mac for learning.
Quick Introduction to Coding: 10 coding challenges designed for students aged 10 and over. In just a few steps, make a MeeBot dance, code your device camera, your own Rock, Paper, Scissors game and more!

AR Applications for Education

Statue of Liberty – allows users to explore the Statue of Liberty in a new and innovative way through AR and immersive storytelling that bring this monument to life everywhere. Explore this statue in a way few have done before, through the app’s rich selection of stories and visual media tours, or listen to the exclusive podcast that takes listeners to critical moments in history.

Civilizations AR – Leverages AR technology to deliver art and culture to users around the world, helping users discover the secrets of Ancient Egypt, uncover hidden layers beneath Renaissance masterpieces, and learn more about the origins of historical treasures and the people who made them. The app’s personal, virtual collection includes over 30 historical artifacts, including an Ancient Egyptian mummy from the Torquay Museum, Rodin’s Kiss from the National Museum and iconic sculptures of Henry Moore.

3D Bear – Helps kick-start distance learning with AR-based lesson plans for kindergarten, primary, secondary and more. The app enables students to participate in the learning process with educational tasks that encourage creating AR scenes with a variety of 3D model collections, learning by doing, and demonstrating their talents.

AR Makr – Allows users to draw, scan and photograph the world around them using AT technology. Acting as a creative toolbox, this app shows students how to transform their 2D artwork into 3D objects. With this application, students can place and save their works wherever they want, save their scenes and share them with their friends.


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