Top European racing official suggests drivers infect themselves with coronavirus

A prominent European racing official suggested on Sunday that its drivers should clench and become infected with coronavirus to build immunity.

But Red Bull Motorsport consultant Helmut Marko admitted that his far-fetched suggestion about the deadly virus was quickly shot down.

“We have four Formula 1 drivers, we have eight or ten juniors, and the idea was to hold a camp where we could mentally and physically bridge this rather dead time,” Marko told ORF, the Austrian public broadcaster .

“And then it would be ideal because they are all young, strong men in really good health when the infection comes. Then they would be ready for a really tough World Cup when it starts again. “

Said Marko The idea was “not positively received” by other Red Bull team leaders and was rejected.

76-year-old Marko, who rushed in In the early 1970s, his age made him more susceptible to COVID-19, the coronavirus-related disease.

“I belong to the high-risk group, but I’m not afraid. I respect it,” he said.

Have Formula 1 races in Australia, Bahrain, Vietnam, China, the Netherlands, Spain, Monaco and Azerbaijan all were rescheduled the pandemic. The Grand Prix Du Canada, The set for the streets of Montreal from June 12th to 14th is still on the program.

Associated Press contributed.

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