Top politician says anti-vaccine claims are costing lives and doing 'real harm'

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford says people who spread lies and distrust about vaccines are doing “real harm”.

Mr Drakeford said “too many people” had been targeted by the anti-Vax movement “with all of their misinformation”.

Speak with WalesOnlineHe said, “Well, some people who just want to cause trouble and know that what they are doing is not true and are pursuing it, then my message to them is that they are doing very real harm.

“The system will end up responding to people who intentionally harm others.”

He urged people who genuinely believed vaccines were dangerous to look at any information available that could change perspectives.

He said, “For other people, in the world we live in, and with the internet and social media in particular, you can simply spend your time talking to people who think like you and strengthening your beliefs I would ask these people to take a moment to look at other views and different perspectives.

“There is a huge amount of information that you could look at that, in my opinion, could help change your mind. And if they were ready, they would see the benefits. “

When asked how many lives were killed as a result of anti-Vax considerations, the First Minister replied: “I honestly cannot give you any figures. What I know is that too many people are affected. “This movement with all its misinformation.”

The high number of pregnant women in hospital intensive care units is blamed for spreading misinformation about vaccines.

“Too many people have been prevented from getting the vaccine, and our Chief Medical Officer has recently urged pregnant women to get vaccinated.

“In Wales, a disproportionate number of pregnant women are in need of intensive care because of the coronavirus because they have heard some of this misinformation published by the anti-vaccine movement.

“I don’t have the number, but I know far too many people have heard these things.

Mr Drakeford said Wales would stick with the level zero restrictions but warned that this could change as winter approaches.

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