Tory donor's daughter-in-law arrested ‘with blood on hands’ after cop shot dead

A Tory colleague’s daughter-in-law is reportedly questioned by police after a senior Caribbean police officer was shot dead with his own gun.

Superintendent Henry Jemmott was reportedly found swimming in the sea in Belize, Central America, with a fatal wound behind his right ear and his weapon nearby, after locals heard the sound of a gunshot.

Authorities have not said whether they believe he was murdered, accidentally killed, or died by suicide.

“We have to examine every possibility,” said police chief Chester Williams at a press conference Belize’s Channel 5 News.

American Jasmine Hartin Ashcroft was interviewed last night after officials found her “emotional” with bloodstained clothes on the pier. the Daily Mail reports.

Ms. Ashcroft is married to Andrew, 43-year-old son of leading Tory donor Lord Ashcroft. The couple live in Belize and have opened a luxury hotel together.

Lord Ashcroft, pictured here on the left

Chief Williams said, “We have to be open to the investigation. But there is no evidence that there is a third actor.

“The body inspection should tell us a lot in terms of proximity and trajectory, which in determining the range from which the shot was fired, as well as whether Mr Jemmott could have caused his own injury or if he was in from someone its immediate proximity will be helpful. “

Henry Jemmott

It is reported that the officer asked the police for “personal leave” prior to the incident.

Commissioner Williams said: “From what we have gathered so far, Mr Jemmott and a woman, a Jasmin, were talking on a pier somewhere in San Pedro.”

He said a single shot was heard and police found the woman on the pier with what appeared to be bloody blood on her arms and clothes.

Police scene

Andrew Ashcroft, Jasmine's husband

He added that a firearm that belonged to Mr Jemmott was found.

Commissioner Williams said that police had recovered Mr. Jemmott’s lifeless body with a gunshot wound behind his right ear.

The police commissioner said Ms. Ashcroft had been taken into custody and was being questioned about the shooting.

Superintendent Jemmott was recognized and said his service would not be forgotten.


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