Tory peer's daughter-in-law 'will be treated like police officer's killer'

A police officer who died of a gunshot wound after drinking with the daughter-in-law of a Tory colleague was “assassinated,” his sister claims.

Jasmine Hartin, partner of Lord Ashcroft’s son Andrew, is interviewed in Belize after the body of Supt Henry Jemmott was found floating in the sea.

He had a gunshot wound behind his right ear while Ms. Hartin was found on a nearby pier with blood appearing on her arms and clothes.

Police Commissioner Chester Williams said an autopsy would help determine whether the 42-year-old officer could have shot or killed himself or on purpose.

But Mr Jemmott’s sister said he did not take his own life.

Cherry Jemmott, who is also a cop, told the Daily Mail: “My brother would never kill himself.”

She said he should be promoted to senior superintendent and transferred to another unit, describing him as “a top cop with a big dream”.

She continued, “He had a shot behind his ear like an assassination. He’s so adept after 24 years [as an officer], he would never have left his guard. “

Supt Jemmott’s body was discovered in a port area of ​​San Pedro after he was shot dead in the early hours of Friday morning.

According to The sunMs. Hartin does not “help” the police and is “treated as a murderer” if she does not provide an explanation.

Tory peer's daughter-in-law 'will be treated like police officer's killer' 1

Jasmine Hartin pictured with her husband Andrew Ashcroft

Commissioner Williams said: “She stated that she had to have her lawyer present so she could say what she had to say and it is her constitutional right, but that raises a red flag.

“The situation is such that an explanation is required from her.

“Without an explanation, she would have to be treated as a murderer and we will act accordingly.”

According to reports in Belize, Ms. Hartin had suggested to first responders that the bullet might have come from a passing boat.

Supt Jemmott, who had five children, was on vacation at the time due to personal problems.

The superintendent said: “I didn’t know he was on San Pedro until I got the call that he had died. It’s a sad situation.

The victim's weapon was found nearby after his fatal shooting

“We as a department have to find a way to deal with it as well as possible.”

He said Ms. Hartin and Supt Jemmott were “friends” but it was not known why they were together in Covid during the curfew from midnight to 5 a.m.

Ms. Hartin has not been charged with any criminal offense but is still in police custody.

Andrew, 43, is a Belize citizen. He and Mrs. Hartin have a luxury hotel there.


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