'Tough and feisty' grandma found in bushland two days after she went missing

Margaret Lowden, 83, had gone for a walk when stranded in thick bushland – she amazingly managed to survive for 48 hours without food, water and temperatures as high as 9 ° C

83-year-old Margaret Lowden, who suffers from dementia, was miraculously found alive after being stranded in the bushland for two days (

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A grandmother with dementia was miraculously found two days after she disappeared in the thick bushland.

Margaret Lowden, 83, was deprived of food or water for a full 48 hours and with temperatures as high as 9 ° C during the night after being stranded in the bushland.

Her disappearance from her nursing home in Mandurah, Australia sparked an extensive search and rescue mission that included up to 40 State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers.

They waded through thick grass while drones and helicopters monitored the situation from the sky for signs of life. 9News reports.

Ms. Lowden had been less than a kilometer away at her retirement home in Greenfields when she decided to take a walk and found herself in the “hollowed out hole”.

An extensive search mission with 40 people was started


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It was only thanks to a highly skilled volunteer who discovered some pressed grass that the team was able to track down Ms. Lowden.

“I shudder to think what would have happened if the SES crews hadn’t found them,” said Dean Snashall, WA police inspector.

“I can guarantee it wouldn’t have been found if SES hadn’t come in and dirty.”

First responder David Fyfe said the grandmother was “luckily” found in a place with some sun.

Mrs. Lowden was walking when she landed in a “hollowed out” hole right next to a river


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But her resilience stunned the responders when she was “trapped in some water and so wet and not clearly visible to anyone”.

Thanking the emergency services for their help in rescuing her grandmother, Rita Lusted said, “It was a really amazing result.”

“I would like to thank you very much because, as you can imagine, we are really grateful,” said Ms. Lusted.

“She is very tough and spirited,” she added.

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