Tough new lockdown for Scotland includes alcohol, takeaway and shop ban

Scotland is introducing tough new lockdown rules to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The nation is already in lockdown – known as level 4 restrictions.

But Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said Wednesday that new rules are needed.

They include a ban on clicking and collecting with the exception of essential purchases – including groceries and clothing.

When clicking and collecting is allowed, people cannot go inside to collect items and retailers need to make sure there are no queues.

Drinking outdoors is also prohibited. People cannot consume alcohol outdoors. The wording of the rules about when to leave your home has been changed.

The Scottish government will seek to fill a void that allows people to do nonessential things during the lockdown.

Nicola Sturgeon announced that the MSP’s rules would be changed, forbidding people to leave the house for an essential purpose and then doing something that was not considered essential after leaving the house.

While the list of main reasons for leaving will not change, the First Minister said, “It does not mean that it is not a defense to tell you when the police are challenging you not to be home and to do something doing that is not essential first left home to do something essential. “

The Scottish government is tightening the laws that require employers to allow their employees to work from home, Nicola Sturgeon said.

The First Minister told the MSPs in Holyrood on Wednesday that legal guidelines would now be introduced calling on employers to help workers stay home “wherever possible”.

Ms. Sturgeon added that guidelines previously issued to only allow essential work in people’s homes will now be incorporated into the law.

She said: “We have already issued guidelines that work in level 4 areas in a private home is only allowed if it is essential to the upkeep, maintenance and functioning of the household. We will now incorporate this guidance into the law. “

Food stalls of all types are only served from hatches – people are not allowed to enter premises to pick up food stalls.

There are also changes to the rules for when craftsmen are allowed to work in your home.

It comes when Boris Johnson said that stricter lockdown rules for England couldn’t be ruled out.

Nicola Sturgeon has urged the Scots to abide by the Spirit, not just the lockdown laws.

On Wednesday she said in Holyrood: “Don’t think about the maximum interaction you can have without breaking the rules.

“Instead, think about how to narrow your interactions to the bare minimum in order to eliminate as many ways as possible for the virus to spread.

“In everything you do, assume the virus is with you – either you have it or someone you are in contact with has it – and act so that it is not passed between you.

“All of this means staying home except for really important purposes – including working from home whenever possible.

“Do not have or go into your house from other households except for essential purposes.”


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