Tourism minister says 'plan for UK break' in update on summer holidays

Tourism Minister Nigel Huddleston has released an update on summer holidays abroad as lockdown rules change in England.

Mr Huddleston described today’s lockdown-easing measures as “careful baby steps”.

He told Sky News: “First of all, I think we can rely to a great extent on the common sense of the UK public. The vast majority of people absolutely abide by the rules, and in fact there is quite a bit of self-control as well.

“But in fact if there are violations the police can step in and impose fines and they will continue to do so if they do, but the message is very clear and so the new message today actually ensures that there is a great deal about outside and outside there is open space.

“So these are small steps, they are significant steps, but they a

During his overseas summer vacation, Huddleston told Sky News, “Be careful here.”

He said, “Remember that you can also go on holiday in the UK and I encourage people to do so and to plan for it too. In fact, the Global Travel Taskforce will be reporting on overseas travel very soon, and this will help determine the scope for international travel. “

He added: “We want people to come to the UK too. Inbound tourism is of enormous importance to our economy. So we are working with other countries around the world to make sure we can open international travel, but we will do so carefully. “

He went on: “We want to open up as soon as possible, both domestically and abroad, but we will do so carefully based on the evidence and watch very closely what happens in both cases, the EU and elsewhere in the world. “

Secretary of State for Sports and Tourism Nigel Huddleston said today is a “really big day, with millions of people (for) millions across the UK just looking to get back to the things they love”.

He told Sky News: “You take the responsibility, the opening of spaces, very seriously with Covid-safe measures and then also popular sports. Everything is within the guidelines.”

“So those who run these events know what to do and they do it very responsibly. So I am very confident that things are sure to open up.”

Mr Huddleston told Sky News, “I think when people travel they have to think very carefully about how they travel, where to get gas, when they need food, and so on. What we don’t want are people who are in different Mix parts of the country more than necessary. Then when you visit a friend or relative make sure you stay in these gardens or stay outdoors and follow these rules please just be sensible again. “

On policing, he added, “The police are there to enforce the law and there are still laws in place and they will impose fines. So when there are large gatherings, remember again that it’s a rule of six and up to six, but only six or two households, so when the police see people breaking these rules they can step in, they can separate and as I say, okay if necessary.

“I recognize that it is more difficult in people’s private gardens, so we appeal to people to be sensible in the interests of their health and others. Please don’t break the rules.”


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