Tourist walks out to find huge bear taking relaxing soak in their hot tub

A brazen giant black bear was filmed unwinding after a clearly exhausting day in a hot tub.

A tourist who lived in a ski lodge in Tennessee, USA captured the moment when the animal decided to take a bath and enjoy the sunset.

Todd Trebony and his family rented the Gatlinburg Retreat, which is known for its incredible views.

But an additional guest came by to make the most of the facilities.

The bear was first seen on its terrace when vacationers stayed safe inside.

But they couldn’t believe what they saw next when it became clear that the creature had weathered a rough afternoon.

The unexpected visitor tests the water with his paws and the temperature was to his taste.

It soon got into the hot tub to let its hair down and swim around.

The man posted the video of the grizzly guest on his Facebook and Instagram pages.

“Just having a great time,” says Mr. Trebony as he remotely records the bath. “Just got into the hot tub. What ever.”

The family first saw it in front of their hut - and didn't want to tell the bear not to soak

While the steam was still rising, the bear enjoyed the warm water and the fantastic view of the hills.

A second video shows the bear floating around in the tub.

“Look, he’s just relaxing and relaxing,” he says.

One fan joked that all the bear was missing was a cold class of champagne.

Sightings on the Gatlinburg ski mountain are not uncommon

Finally the animal got out and set off.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency says it is not uncommon to see bears in the area at this time of year.

“Seeing bears near people’s homes in the spring and summer months is quite common in many areas of Tennessee,” they claim.

“At this time of year, natural foods may be limited and bears may be looking for a simple meal. Bears have an incredible sense of smell and are likely to be attracted to some kind of attractant. “


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