Tourists Will Be Able To Have Dinner On A 100 Feet High Tower In Italy, Drones With No Driver Will Take Them From The Hotel To The Tower

In Italy, 30-meter-high eco towers will soon be built for lovers of luxury dining. People can dine and have lunch in the tower built between the greenery and the lake. To get here, drones are used to take the tourists directly from the hotel to the roof of the tower. The tower is called Vertiports. The Italian company has released photos of what it would look like.

Italy and China work together

This is Italy’s new plan to attract tourists. The project is part of the Giancarlo Gema Design Group from Rome. For this project, an agreement has been signed with Hang Holding, a Chinese company that makes air taxis. Together they try to complete this project as quickly as possible.

Drones will leave the hotel

According to the project report, the same drone i.e. air taxi will do the job of taking the tourists to the hotel after dinner. Designers say the tower was inspired by the tall baobab tree in Africa. Laminated wood and steel are used for the preparation of the tower.

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Drones will charge eco-friendly towers

Each tower has a café, a waiting room and a panoramic restaurant of 2,053 square meters. It can be reached via a central lift. The non-solar panel on the roof of the eco-friendly tower can generate 300 kilowatts of electricity per day. The drones will also be charged with electricity drawn from these towers.

Plan to build such towers in Europe as well

Chinese company Hang says VertiPorts will play an important role in creating a market for air mobility in cities. Official information on where the towers will be built has not been released. However, the developer says plans are underway to build such towers in Europe and Southeast Asia in addition to Italy.

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