'Traffic light' system to allow Brits to go on holiday being considered

Ministers are considering a traffic light system to see how the UK travel industry can get back on track.

British tourists could be allowed to fly to “green” areas with lower risk before they leave or after they return to a quarantine hotel without Covid tests.

But those traveling to high risk “red countries” could face severe conditions. They could include a 10-day self-isolation period and additional Covid tests upon their return.

Ministers are reportedly discussing the tiered system to allow the travel industry to reopen. The mirror reports.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has advised the nation that international travel cannot resume until May 17 at the earliest.

However, that depends on important goals being met – including continuing vaccination as planned and the continued low levels of Covid-19.

The hopeful news about the traffic light system came on the day Defense Secretary Ben Wallace warned that it was “premature” for the British to book breaks abroad.

He said, “It would be premature to do that. It would be potentially risky, we see growing variants.

“We will not do anything that endangers these national efforts against the pandemic. Let us take it step by step.”

Government sources confirmed officials were considering the traffic light system, but said it could still change if coronavirus infection rates rise or fall.

It is proposed that the UK economy should be reopened as a priority.


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