Tragedy as toddler mauled to death by 'agitated' pit bull at uncle's house

Little Kavay Louis-Calderon is believed to have been at the family home in Akron, Ohio when the pit bull got excited when neighbors said they heard the little girl scream during the dog attack

The horror attack occurred on Sunday in a home in Akron, Ohio

In her uncle’s house, a toddler was beaten to death by a dog after an argument between two people.

Kavay Louis-Calderon, who was only 16 months old, is said to have been in the family home when a man who is believed to be the girl’s uncle argued with a woman outside the home.

Police said one of the two pit bulls in the house got upset during the argument.

The girl was not living in the home but was being looked after by her uncle when the tragedy struck.

Kavay was hospitalized but pronounced dead shortly after arriving on Sunday.

The police did not say how people were in the house when the beating happened


WKYC channel 3)

A neighbor said he heard the little girl scream when she was attacked.

He said WKYC : “That’s what I can’t get out of my head – her screams.

“And the 911 who carries the baby out – that will always be with me.”

The man added that he would not let his grandchildren play outside because he did not know if the dogs were in the house.

A police spokesman said the woman involved in the dispute had left the property and the man had gone back inside when he discovered what had happened.

“He ran back from the house and asked a neighbor to call 911,” the officer said.

The official said “nobody wanted this to happen”.

He said he was “hesitant” to blame anyone at this stage of the investigation.

No further injuries were reported in the tragic incident over the weekend, and the police are still investigating them.

The little girl was hospitalized but could not be resuscitated

Earlier this week, the Mirror reported another horror dog attack in British Columbia What a baby left with a missing piece of cheek.

Eleven-month-old RosieMay Fitchett had been petting two small dogs on the beach, out of her aunt’s arms, when suddenly a larger animal pounced on them.

The animal tore off a piece of her cheek under her eye, leaving a large wound that covered her with blood.

The baby has had multiple face-reconstructive surgeries since then and has spent his first birthday in a hospital.

The horror incident happened when her family went to a beach for their first meeting in July after the lockdown.

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