Train-surfing stray dog travels 20 miles every day and finds viral fame

Boji from Istanbul, Turkey uses up to 29 metro stations per day and travels across the city on his adventures

Street dog Boji, a regular user of commuter ferries, buses, subways and trams, sits on a tram in the Kadikoy district of Istanbul. (


A Turkish street dog has become a social media sensation for his daily adventures on Istanbul’s public transportation.

Boji covers nearly 20 miles a day using buses, subways, trams and even ferries.

His name means “bogie”, which is the undercarriage of a train – and even has its own personalized collar so that commuters know who he is.

The stray dog, believed to be an Anatolian shepherd mix, has become a popular passenger that even someone can set up their own with Twitter Account that has amassed over 83,300 followers.

Dozens of commuters take photos of the dog and share them on the social media app, which is then retweeted on Boji’s own account.

The famous traveler is vaccinated and equipped with a microchip that allows city officials to track his routes.

According to the data on the chip, he uses up to 29 subway stations every day and visited the Prince Islands once on his daily adventures.

Boji’s Twitter account follows nine others, including the Istanbul Metro, whose staff regularly check his tracker to keep an eye on him.

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Since its inception on September 29, a total of 73 tweets have been published, mostly pictures of the City Tour dog curled up on train seats or patiently waiting for a subway.

A video posted to the account shows Boji jumping up the stairs of a train station to catch his next train, while other photos show him lounging on the floor of a train or taking selfies with other passengers.

Boji also appears to have an Instagram account with over 5,000 followers, with people sending pictures and videos of the puppy they spotted to the account.

Lots of him Instagram followers have called on someone to give Boji a forever home, but it goes without saying that the independent dog enjoys his adventures.

Responded to one commenter, the Account Owner said, “I think a lot of people want to give him a home, but he’s happy outside. Even at the shelter, he wants them to drive around.”

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