Transformers 7 : Release Date, Cast and The Plot explained!

Transformers 7 : Release Date, Cast and The Plot explained!

Transformers is one of the longest and most successful series of all times. The movies are very popular that fans seem excited before the release of every part of it. Inspired by the movies, Transformers toys are also very famous among teens. Transformers mark to be one of the legendary series. Good news for fans, Transformers franchise is back with its seventh movie. Find out all the details!

Release Date of Transformers 7:

Transformers franchise is back with its Seventh Edition of the series which is called, Transformers: The Rise of the Unicorn. Excitement is on the top for the Seventh part of the movie. The series of Transformers started on July 3, 2007, and the sixth edition, i.e, Bumblebee came out on December 21, 2018.

For Transformers 7, no official release date has been released. Although, due to the current situation of the pandemic the movie is not expected very soon. It is also anticipated that the movie will not be released in 2020. Transformers 7 could be expected latest in 2021.

The Cast of Transformers 7 :

The viewers have been eagerly waited to know the cast. Unfortunately, no cast has been released officially till now. Although, we will update you about the cast as soon as we get the information.

The Expected Plot of Transformers: The Rise of the Unicorn:

In Part 6, Optimus Prime found out about Cybertron’s state and information on its source. In Part 7, it is expected the storyline could revolve around The Last Knight. Also, Quintessa’s betrayal is very important and could be more highlighted in the coming edition.

The Trailer of Transformers 7:

There is no Trailer out for the movie yet. The trailer could be expected a couple of weeks before the release of the movie.

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