Trash hoarder turns rented home into 'house of horrors' so full of rubbish the toilet became inaccessible – so pooped in bags

A hoarder turned his rented house into a “House of Secrets” by saving so much trash that he didn’t even go to the bathroom – instead pooped in plastic bags, which he also collected.

Professional cleaning lady Jake Ritchie shared gruesome photos from his “worst job ever,” showing the house with so much rubbish that some doors wouldn’t open and he had to shovel his way through.

The 27-year-old was called to a house in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, by a distraught landlord who discovered that his tenant had filled the property with a sea of ​​rubbish, rotten waste and human feces.

The heartbreaking job took the cleaning lady and his colleague three full days to shovel three boxes of rubbish out of the house last month.

Jake said, “There’s not a lot we haven’t found in this horror house, it was utterly gritty and made for a hell of a few days to clean it up.

“Each single room was three feet deep with garbage and we had to shovel our way through it.

“Everywhere in the house there were shopping bags full of faeces on the door handles – I will never have to deal with human faeces again.

“I can only guess that the trash made it so difficult to move around the house that they just stopped going to the bathroom, you couldn’t even get up the stairs.

“That was the worst job I’ve ever done.”

The professional cleaner who runs a grave cleaning, valet, and deep cleaning company took the job off the desperate landlord who described the overflowing garbage and terrible stench of his property.

But when he got to the two bedroom house, Jake found that it was worse than he thought since the landlord couldn’t bear to go in and didn’t realize the extent of the mayhem.

The kitchen sink from hell ...

Although the human feces were hanging in plastic bags all over the house and smeared on the walls and floor, the cleaning lady and his colleague persevered and made it.

They made a significant improvement by cleaning out the house and tearing up the soiled carpets, but admitted that there was still a lot to do before it was habitable again.

Jake said, “It was a new customer who called me, a landlord whose tenant had demolished their home.

“On the phone he just said it was trashed and when we got there he didn’t even get in so he didn’t know how bad it really was.

“Me and the guy I had to myself spent three days with eight hours cleaning and a fourth waiting for another container to show up – we ended up filling three containers.

“The smell was awful and while we were working in one of the bedrooms the boy I was working with knocked over a pan full of something rotten and the smell was so bad that he vomited.

Professional cleaning lady Jake Ritchie, 27, described tidying up as his

“We took a break outside after that and I thought about quitting the job because it was so bad, but we did it and the customer was overjoyed with the result.”

The next day, Jake posted before-and-after photos of the House of Secrets on his Facebook business page to promote his work, and in the comments sparked a debate about the condition of the rented home.

Some commentators applauded the cleaner, saying he “deserves a medal” for fighting the “disgusting” mess and calling the tenant a “tramp”.

Meanwhile, others labeled the cleaning lady “unprofessional” for posting about the job and insisting that the tenant must have had mental health problems.

A debate erupted on Ritchie's Facebook post about his cleaning job with horror

But others defended Jake’s decision to share the pictures, saying there was “no excuse” for the “disgusting mess,” while pointing out that he kept the tenant anonymous so as not to embarrass them and was only promoting his work .

Jake said, “I started defending myself and edited the post to say that I’m not here to shame anyone and only promote my work.

“In the end I just left it because you can’t please everyone and I got a lot more positive than negative comments.”

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