Travel expert rages at Government holiday warning as flights remain grounded

A travel expert has called for a roadmap for readily available access to Covid tests to avoid ongoing quarantine restrictions.

Boris Johnson’s administration was also accused of destabilizing consumer confidence and sensationism after ministers advised people not to book summer vacation because of uncertainty.

The explosion came from Emma Coulthurst from the vacation price comparison website. TravelSupermarket, who said persistent leaks about possible action were harmful and claimed a firm plan to ease lockdown rules was needed.

Only nine airlines are currently leaving Birmingham Airport with operators like Ryanair and Jet2 who are largely grounded because of the pandemic.

She said: “The fact that in the past few days the government has disclosed information about a possible hotel quarantine measure without specifying a timeframe and resulting roadmap will destabilize consumer confidence.

“It creates sensation and speculation about whether we can take a summer vacation five months away.

“Stop-start measures are not required, but a roadmap that can safely resume travel to protect the countries we visit and to ensure that the virus is not introduced when we return.

“If hotel quarantine measures are initiated, let’s lift them by the end of March and replace them with a test procedure so that the trip can continue safely.”

“An easily accessible, inexpensive test system has been needed since last March. Private testing is currently expensive and prohibitive for many at £ 100 or more per test.

“The UK government needs to support low-cost, or ideally free, tests for UK travelers to access in the community. British travelers also need to know they can rest assured that the test will come back on time – this has not always been the case with private tests. ”

She said a combination of vaccine and testing is needed to kickstart travel for people in the UK desperate for some sort of escape after nearly a year of disabilities.

Ms Coulthurst added: “Countries like Greece and Spain, whose economies depend on British tourists, want us to return this summer but want to know that we are Covid-free.

“When our freedom to travel is restored, it will surely become normal to take a test in the days leading up to your flight. That way, countries that have closed their borders to British citizens will open them again to us.” – by receiving a negative Covid test result.

“You shouldn’t need a vaccine to fly as it would be discriminatory to those who have yet to be vaccinated. It’s a combination of vaccine certificates for those who have one and testing for anyone who is needed.”


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