Travel experts issues advice on booking holidays as lockdown lifts

We all strive to get on a plane and get away as quickly as possible.

This summer is going to be a busier one as travel restrictions are expected to ease as British vacationers can fly to certain countries from May 17th.

There is still uncertainty as to which districts will reopen their borders to UK tourists, but most of the popular travel destinations are reopening.

Greece, Spain, Turkey and Cyprus are preferred destinations for us British and the tourist companies are preparing for a busy summer season.

Before you decide to travel this year, there are a few steps you need to take to prepare for it.

Vacation extras have come up with a practical guide to prepare for your next summer vacation.

Where are you going?

It is important not only to choose a place to go, but also to check first if you can go due to coronavirus restrictions.

Some countries do not open their borders to British tourists and our government operates a traffic light system for countries to travel to.

The traffic light system calls for countries to be broken down into three levels of categorization – green, amber, and red – to determine what security measures must be taken to get to them.

Check your passport

The pass rules have changed.

Since January 1st, the rule that you have to have at least six months left on your passport applies to trips to Europe.

If you renew your passport by the week everyone goes to the beach, you might find there is a queue.

Check now and if your passport needs a renewal this year you can beat the rush and do it while all is quiet.

Check out the UK government Passport website for details.

Take advantage of some great deals

You have now selected a travel destination. Take advantage of your advance planning by booking in advance and getting a great price.

Tour operators know that everyone is worried that things will change again. As a result, many products and packages offer great flexibility should you change your mind.

Take a look around and see if there is a bargain that will grab your attention. EasyJet, TUI and Jet2 are currently offering cheap deals.

Don’t forget your travel vouchers

When the coronavirus pandemic began last year and the lockdown began in March, many vacationers took vouchers for their canceled trips.

If you still have some, use them!

When you have a plan for your next trip, browse your emails from March and April last year and see if you have a coupon to use.

Can you get the free time?

After last year’s chaos, everyone is likely to want to flee their home or office. So it is important to make sure that you actually have time off.

Plan ahead, email your boss with the dates for your trip, and make sure your free time is on the calendar.

Book a Covid test

Travel experts issues advice on booking holidays as lockdown lifts 1

The majority of countries now require travelers to have a negative Covid test.

You can see the main goals for which the tests are required on the government website.

Remember, you can’t take a test early – almost every country requires a test no older than 72 hours. But you can book early and beat the rush all over again

Find good travel insurance

With the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, getting travel insurance is more important than ever.

If you haven’t flown since 2019, your travel insurance is likely to have expired.

Check your EHIC card

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

If you are traveling to Europe it is probably best to check that you have an EHIC.

The EHIC is the European Health Insurance Card, a reciprocal agreement between EU member states so that everyone can use everyone else’s health service during their visit.

After we left the EU, the EHIC became the GHIC (Global Health Insurance Card), a functionally identical bilateral agreement between the UK and the EU.

If you still have an EHIC card, it will still work in Europe.

If it runs out, you can get the new GHIC – but like everything else, once the lockdown clears, everyone will and you’ll have to get in line.

Check it out now and if you need to renew your card this year do so in advance and beat the hassle – details on the GHIC Here.

Most standard travel insurances are also not valid if you are flying against the advice of the FCDO (UK Government). Even if you have an annual policy, you should check to see if it covers you now.

For the latest travel insurance deals, Travel supermarket Have them all in one place so you can easily compare and choose them.

Arrange how to get to the airport

An early flight could mean you want to check out hotels near the airport. A number of discounts and offers are available for this type of booking.

You can boot up the night before when the streets are empty and then start your journey by waking up refreshed and enjoying breakfast next to the terminal.

If you are arriving by car, it is worth booking your airport parking space in advance – Travel supermarket Also compare the parking at the airport so that you can choose the cheapest offer for you.

Prices get higher as the date approaches and the price you pay at the gate is often 70% more expensive than booking in advance.

A more detailed vacation checklist can be found here Vacation extras handy expression Here.


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