Treasury to send $1B in rental aid funds to high-demand states, cities

Emergency relief efforts have been plagued by state and local bottlenecks throughout the past year, which escalated fears over tenants’ plight after the Supreme Court halted a state eviction ban.

By Nov. 30, state and local governments had spent $ 17.4 billion of the $ 46.5 billion in aid, a little over 37 percent of the funds.

Before the announcement on Friday, the Treasury had started warning state officials that the new funds requested by the states and cities were far higher than the funds available. New York is said to receive just $ 27 million in new funding after filing for $ 996 million. It had used approximately $ 1.1 billion in federal funds as of Nov. 30.

The California state program, which had spent all of $ 1.5 billion on the first round as of Nov. 30, will receive just over $ 50 million in reallocated funds.

The Treasury Department said Friday that state governments in Georgia, Nebraska, and Louisiana, as well as several other states, voluntarily transferred unspent funds to local programs within their borders.

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