Tree explodes 'into a million pieces' as it's struck by huge lightning bolt

This incredible photo captures the dramatic moment when a gigantic lightning bolt struck the side of a mountain.

The wild photo was taken on June 8th by Phil Garcia while hiking with his friends. Lightning pierces the sky and ignites the trees on the hillside in Pecos, New Mexico.

28-year-old Phil, who works at a ski resort in Santa Fe, only got one shot from lightning – but his timing was perfect.

He said, “We were hiking the back trails when we saw one jump off just before this one – so I pulled out my camera.

“The sound – it was wild. We were kind of worried so we got out pretty quickly.

“You could feel the energy. It blasted the tree into a million pieces – all that was left was the trunk. It just smoldered.”

In August last year, a woman in Wales captured the moment lightning struck the top of a neighbor’s house.

Donna Tizzard was stunned to see the electric fork hit the roof of a building in Gwersyllt, Wales tonight.

In the video, the tension builds as she points the camera over the nearby rooftops.

Seconds pass with nothing but the sound of rain on glass, until suddenly lightning strikes.

It can be seen tearing through the sky causing a large burst of oranges when it comes into contact with a house.

Phil Garcia said he could feel the energy of lightning

Also in August, the British were impressed after seeing “silent flash” across the UK overnight.

Some compared the surreal scenes to a “silent disco” while others described them as “the strangest storm I have ever seen” and “like something out of Harry Potter”.

In the bizarre weather, the country experienced 50,000 lightning strikes within 24 hours at temperatures above 30 ° C.

Social media was in a frenzy over the incredible thunderstorms, with videos and pictures shared under the trending hashtag #waroftheworlds.


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