Tributes page remembers your beloved dogs who've gone over the Rainbow Bridge

If you’ve ever lost a dog, you know the immense pain and sadness of a quieter home and an empty dog ​​bed.

On our sister’s side, the Team dogs Community remember the beautiful and beloved dogs that have been gone but not forgotten.

you “Memorial sites” page shares tribute to the best friends we have loved and lost. It celebrates the ups and downs of the beautiful blessings that a dog owns.

We cannot promise that there will be no tears when you read this – these eulogies will surely wrench your heart, but they will bring you comfort and peace as you understand the grief over the loss of a family member:


Cockapoo Charlie only died last month after a sudden and devastating tumor. He was only 11 years old.

Described by owner Annie Charlie as: “the smartest beautiful friend” who was “taken far too soon”.

“Charlie, you will never be forgotten and we will always love you. Until we meet again, “said Annie.


Dog Jack was a special member of Julie's family

Julie lost her good old boy Jack just last week after a long battle with cancer.

“He was one of the family and we loved him so much that he will always be with us,” said Julie.


16 year old Pebbles gave owner Shirley so much joy

Beautiful Pebbles lived with the owner Shirley Riella for 16 long and happy years before she passed away in July.

“What a punch we are prepared for,” said Shirley. “I love you with all my heart, my dear girl, and my heart still feels so sad. You lived your best life and gave us so much joy. “

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Dog Frank will forever be in the heart of owner Sharon Brison

Adorable Frank be a “real little character, so loving, with his funny manner”.

Owner Sharon Brison describes how it was “so sad to see our funny little man with this terrible disease” after Frank developed degenerative myelopathy.

“He’s lost on my part, but forever in my heart,” recorded too early when he was just six years old.

“Set our beautiful boy free.”


Caring Charlie helped his family through the lockdown before he died last year

How many houses, caring Charlie supported his family through the toughest times last year.

“Charlie was there at every Lockdown and Curveball 2020 and was happy as always. We are so grateful that we could spend his last year at home with him, ”said owner George Grantham.

He described Charlie as “the finest, cuddly dog ​​ever”.

“We will love you forever, Chaz.”


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