Trump and His Cronies Must Face the Music for Their Crimes

Joe Biden wants to heal America after four years of vicious and deadly governance by Donald Trump. But he will fail in this task, risking both his presidency and his party’s assets, if he refuses to hold Trump and his makers accountable. A policy of “forgiving and forgetting” will not unite the nation – it will only ensure that the Democrats lose control of Congress in 2022 and the presidency in 2024.

It’s no secret that Biden is most comfortable in the role of the arbitrator. But in order to rule and shape the future, he cannot afford to ask Americans to imagine that Trump was simply breaking norms when the facts tell us that he and his staff are repeatedly, wantonly and destructively against have broken the law.

The new president should never hesitate to support the work of federal, state or local prosecutors pursuing the necessary cases against Trump and others who engage in an orgy of proprietary trafficking, attacking the rule of law and democracy, and deliberately negligent Responding to a pandemic that killed (and count) over 300,000 Americans. Philip Allen Lacovara, former attorney for the Special Prosecutor of Watergate, reminds us: “If a person who succeeds in attaining the presidency can break the law with impunity, we have made our republic unrecognizable to the founders and dangerous to our descendants . “

It’s not about being vengeful, it’s about being effective. Courageous policy proposals are much harder to reject when they are phrased in the language of necessity and accountability. When employing executive orders, laws, and legal strategies to restore ethical standards, protect voting rights, secure American elections, and limit the influence of corporate interests by increasing transparency and accountability on pandemic issues, Biden can say, “These are the things that we must do to repair the damage caused by four years of maliciously destructive actions by Donald Trump and a destructive occupation that cared more about their own enrichment than the health, safety and prosperity of the American people. ”

However, this is about more than just reforming a broken process. A steady focus on accountability isolates and diminishes the critics who will question important initiatives to regenerate the economy, save the planet, and fight structural racism as Trump and his enablers of Congress become identified with the crises that run on theirs Clock are metastatic.

It will not be easy to set this standard of necessity and accountability. There will be an outcry from the commentary on Sunday morning desperately wanting Biden to hand over the commander in chief’s coat for that of the healer in command. Nothing excites the political and media elites more than the prospect of a Kumbaya moment in which “the mystical chords of memory will swell when they are touched again by the better angels of our nature, no matter how sure they are”. The poetic appeal of these words from Abraham Lincoln’s first inaugural address is undeniable. But also their context. Lincoln spoke on the eve of a civil war that exposed divisions so deeply and permanently that the United States is still arguing over whether to dismantle the flags and statues of traitors who tore the country apart.


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