Trump appointee sues Biden over alleged ouster from advisory board

Trump card announced his intention to appoint Severino on the advisory board in July, and Severino received his commission a little over two weeks ago. He argued that the council was segregated from any executive power and that the president had no power to dismiss him at will. When he asked for a reason for his resignation, the White House didn’t respond, the lawsuit alleges.

“The council has no executive power – in fact, as a purely advisory unit it wields no power at all – so President Biden has no constitutional power to resign Mr Severino or any other member of the council,” the lawsuit said.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment on this article.

The lawsuit comes as the Biden administration works to stamp out political debris from the Trump presidency, which still works in the executive branch. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin ousted members of 31 defense advisory councils appointed during the twilight days of Trump’s presidency. Other Defense Advisory Council members, including those appointed by Trump himself, continue to be scrutinized.

Severino was previously the head of the civil rights office of the Ministry of Health and Human Services, where he strengthened protections for health workers who protested against abortions on religious grounds and advocated a withdrawal of protection for LGBT patients.

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