Trump approves Michigan disaster declaration after war of words with governor

Whitmer – a first-time governor who sent the Democrats’ response to Trump’s speech on the state of the Union in February – was in one interview Friday morning that Trump’s actions have prevented their state from getting the equipment it needs.

“What I got back is the vendors we signed contracts with – they are told not to send anything to Michigan,” Whitmer said to Detroit WWJ 950. “It’s really worrying. I got on last night turned the White House around and asked to call the President, ironically at the time the stuff was going on. ”

Trump later appealed to the data protection agency for the first time on Friday after public criticism of General Motors increased after the White House and the company failed to reach agreement on the construction of fans.

Trump then repeated his criticism of Whitmer – without mentioning it by name – during the Coronavirus briefing at the White House instructing Vice President Mike Pence not to call governors who did not “appreciate” his efforts.

“I say,” Mike, don’t call the governor in Washington, you’re wasting your time with him. Don’t call the woman in Michigan, “Trump said.” You know what I’m saying, if they don’t treat you properly, I won’t call. ”

Trump set fire to the word war with Whitmer on Tuesday after asking the federal government to provide more support during an MSNBC interview.

“The failing Michigan governor has to work harder and be much more proactive. We urge them to do the job, ”Trump tweeted. “I stand with Michigan!”

Whitmer replied to Trump with a list of measures she had taken to protect Michigan residents, saying only “quick and clear instructions, tests, personal protective equipment, and resources” would solve the crisis, not attacks.

In an interview with Fox News on Thursday, Trump said he had a big problem with “a governor … from Michigan”.

“I mean she doesn’t appear,” Trump said to Fox presenter Sean Hannity. I don’t know if she knows what’s going on, but she just sits there and accuses the federal government. She doesn’t make it. We send her a lot. ”

Whitmer called Trump on Twitter and continued to demand more medical care to fight the virus.

“Hello, my name is Gretchen Whitmer and I am this governor,” she said wrote. “I have repeatedly and respectfully asked for help. We need it. No more political attacks, just PSA, ventilators, N95 masks, test kits. You said you were at Michigan – prove it.”

Friday night, hours before he signed the emergency order she repeatedly called for, Trump gave the governor Previously, he refused to give a brand name: Gretchen “Half” Whitmer.

Michigan has it fifth most Coronavirus cases in every state with more than 3,600 confirmed cases and 92 deaths on Saturday afternoon. The United States surpassed China this week to become the world leader in confirmed coronavirus cases.

Senator Chris Murphy took a look at the drama on Saturday and suggested that Whitmer’s allegation was comparable to the allegations made against Trump during his impeachment investigation that the payment of the aid depended on personal favors for him.

“Michigan is the new Ukraine,” said Murphy tweeted.

Republican governors like Massachusetts’s Charlie Baker have also broken with Trump’s response to the crisis.

Baker, whose state also received a state of emergency statement from the White House on Saturday, said Massachusetts would not be “operational” by Easter, contradicting Trump’s previous proposal that the country could relax the guidelines on social distance by April 12.

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