Trump boosters: Don’t believe the coronavirus death toll

Nevertheless, the tweet went viral in conservative media circles.

Newsmax’s John Cardillo made one Video The claim that it is evidence that “the CDC is lying to you”. Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka claimed this was a sign that health officials were overreacting.

“Not only does this prove that the Chinese virus is not nearly as deadly as originally thought, it also most likely confirms that many of the deaths previously attributed to the coronavirus were actually caused by other underlying factors, such as: or even deaths that are wrongly attributed to the virus if it has not been proven that the victims had the virus at all, ”said Gorka wrote on his America First website.

Although the Fox News talent stable didn’t blame the CDC for lying, there were several personalities give rise to a general suspicion on the projections and models that have led to reopening guidelines in the past few days.

“One thing is pretty certain: the models we should be dealing with were consistently wrong, on both the positive and the negative side,” said Brian Kilmeade, moderator of Fox and Friends on Tuesday.

Later that day, Laura expressed Ingraham doubt on a recent revision of a popular Washington University coronavirus model that has been widely cited by health agencies, including the White House. The model first estimated In early April, the outbreak would result in approximately 66,000 deaths by August 4 – a number that the United States has already surpassed. The newest Revision came from updated projections that are responsible for increased mobility as social distancing measures are eased across the country.

Ingraham didn’t buy it. “If you’re not confused yet, say now that by August 120, 134,000 could die from Covid,” she said. “What? That’s twice as much as a few weeks ago.”

Young defended his tweet, arguing that officials should rely on the death certificate data instead of extrapolating it.

“The delay time is speculative,” he said, referring to Pennsylvania’s youngest decision Delete 201 deaths from the suspected death number until their cause of death has been fully investigated. “If this higher number is ultimately correct, we should not report these higher numbers until we have the complete data with death certificates including the actual cause of death.”

More and more conservatives are convinced that the number of fatalities in coronaviruses is increasing for political purposes.

On Sunday evening, Trump expressed his own doubts about ABC’s David Muir when asked about ongoing updates to various coronavirus death models, some of which had recently been revised upwards to take account of the newly relaxed guidelines on social distance in several countries .

“First, these models were so wrong from day one. Both on the low and on the top. They were so wrong, they were so crazy, ”he said. “We can be on site, work on site and also remedy the situation. We did it right, but now we have to get back to work. ”

Public health veterans and those who study how information is disseminated said that changing predictions in emergencies are common, which only fuels conspiracy theories.

“Finding abnormal data in exceptional circumstances is not unexpected,” said Dr. Jane Donovan, research director at Harvard University’s Shorenstein Institute, is investigating misinformation. “It’s just that we have a number of armchair epidemiologists who are looking for inconsistencies everywhere and turning them into conspiracies.”

Lobelo said the alleged death count was scientifically correct, and said flu-related deaths are counted the same way, even though the root cause is different.

“The cause of death could be a heart attack or cardiac arrest,” he said. “But if you can identify Covid-19 in a heart disease patient who actually died of a heart attack, you really know that Covid-19 is the root cause of death. Otherwise, despite this risk factor, this patient would not have died. “

Axios reported On Wednesday, Trump told behind-the-scenes advisers that he believed the death toll was increasing and pointed to New York’s recent addition of 3,700 more deaths to its total. City health officials said The supplements represented cases in which a patient was never tested for the coronavirus but was likely to have died from it.

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