Trump builds ‘turnkey’ campaign operation for 2024

However, officials say President Joe Biden’s declining political fortune amid the coronavirus resurgence and the Aug. 15 fall of Kabul has heightened interest in the former president, who is already facing a burning sense of pride and grief over his loss Biden is motivated.

“Trump sees that Biden is on the ropes. He wants blows as a combatant, not as a heckler from the stands, ”said Florida MP Matt Gaetz. And a good rule in politics is to run for as short a time as necessary.

Gaetz, like the dozen Trump advisors and friends interviewed for this article, declined to disclose his conversations within the organization or with Trump. But he said Trump was more likely to take the plunge, especially after the 2022 midterm elections when the GOP pulls back one or both houses of Congress.

Trump has shied away from revealing details of his plans in recent interviews, but he has been privately suggested to others he heads. He also pays attention to the finer details behind the scenes, such as:

His company is also taking concrete steps to raise its profile and position it for a possible campaign. In addition to hiring a new communications officer to keep up with increased activity, several rallies have recently been added to Trump’s fall plan – plans for events are planned in the nation’s first presidential state and critical turnaround. State of Florida.

Perhaps more revealing, less than a month ago, the PAC announced that it has hired two top Iowa agents who are committed to “advancing the goals of Save America, strong, pro-Trump, America first-conservatives to choose”.

Iowa employees serve another purpose as well, Trump advisors say: They can keep an eye on the other potential Republican presidential candidates who flood the nation’s first factional state.

One person who has discussed Trump’s plans but refused to comment on the minutes to speak more freely said, “He really hasn’t made up his mind, but we all think he’s going to run … at one point he says yes. So he’s maximizing his position … the PAC is supposed to help win back the House and Senate. If he does that, it strengthens his position. “

Almost every poll shows that Trump currently has little to fear from others in a Republican primary. The potential GOP 2024 contestants have said they would not compete against him – or were reluctant to say so – and have failed to criticize him.

Trump’s campaign advisor Jason Miller stated on Thursday that the chances that he is running are “between 99 and 100 percent. I think it’s definitely going to run in 2024. I had a good chat with him last night. I’ll visit him here in a few days. ”

Ohio MP Jim Jordan, who spoke to Trump this week, expressed similar opinions in one Undercover video shot dead by a democratic activist on Thursday saying “I know” [that Trump is going to run again]. I spoke to him yesterday. He’s about to announce after all this madness in Afghanistan. “

Trump’s leadership PAC declined to comment on the story. Federal electoral laws limit a PAC’s spending of leadership on announced presidential candidates. A person who is not a federal candidate can spend the PAC guide money with far fewer restrictions.

Only one past president, Grover Cleveland in 1892, has ever returned from defeat to regain his old office. Trump would be 78 years old in the 2024 election campaign, even older than Ronald Reagan when he left office at the end of his second term.

Even so, Trump’s fundraising picked up that year as he raised $ 82 million on three policy committees in the first six months. He also increased the number of conservative radio interviews, sat with Sean Hannity on Fox as well as the right-wing One America News Network.

Trump has said that he remains focused on helping Republicans win back the House of Representatives and Senate, and just pissed off one more run by saying, “You will be happy” with whatever he decides.

In an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business, the ex-president blamed electoral law for his inability to make an announcement.

“The campaign finance laws that are antiquated and stupid, OK? Stupid and corrupt in a way. You are stupid. Can’t I tell you that, OK? When I tell you there are a number of things going on that are bad. So I can’t tell you I can tell you I love our country and you will be very happy, “said Trump.

Despite being removed from Twitter and Facebook for spreading misinformation and sparking the Capitol Riot that led to his historic second impeachment, he has remained the heart of the party and the most sought-after supporter of Republican primary politics. Instead of his flood of daily tweets, his PAC leadership now sends tweet-length statements, sometimes repeated over a day.

The pace picked up noticeably in mid-August, as Biden struggled to gain public approval for his handling of the US exit from Afghanistan (Biden said he was following Trump’s planned withdrawal), “He started bleeding and Trump is like one Shark. He smelled blood, “said a confidante Trump spoke to recently. But another warned that” he ran before the Afghanistan debacle. It’s nothing new. “

Tony Fabrizio, who polls for Trump’s Save America Leadership PAC, said Trump is paying attention to Biden’s “grim” numbers.

“You would think his [Trump’s] Attitude would be, ‘I told you.’ But instead, he’s angry because he rightly or wrongly believes that his election was stolen and that everything that happened under Biden could have been avoided, ”he said .

The day Kabul fell, the former president began to criticize every decision his successor made in Afghanistan, boasting on cable news and conservative radio that he would have done his job better if he were still in the White House. Biden, in turn, accused Trump of leaving him a foreign policy mess.

Alluding to his practice of posting Rose Garden videos – pre-recorded news on the news of the day – Trump posted a video before Biden addressing the nation directed at American soldiers and Afghans involved in the Kabul airport suicide bombings were wounded or died.

“This tragedy should never have happened, it should never have happened and it would not have happened if I were your president,” said Trump.

Trump’s leadership, PAC, also published an ad, “Chief’s Supreme Officer,” which poked fun at Biden for tripping while climbing the stairs of Air Force One and piecing together what Biden or his associates said about Afghanistan.

“I didn’t see him doing that four months ago,” said a Trump adviser with a view to an expected offer for 2024. “I saw someone who wanted to wring their hands for a while [the election]. It has really changed now based on what we are seeing [from Biden]. “

Former presidents have at times criticized their predecessor, but none broke the norms of post-presidential decency like Trump, who beat Biden and made his own daily comment.

Former President – who has feuds with Gold Star families in the past – even interfered in his own message to a Gold Star mother, Shana Chappell, after she and other Gold Star family members complained about Biden’s behavior towards them during a transfer ceremony at Dover Air Force Base.

“If I were president, your wonderful and beautiful son Kareem would be with you now, as would the sons and daughters of others, including all those who were killed in the vicious attack on Kabul airport,” Trump said in a statement her critical Facebook post about Biden.

A former senior Trump administration official close to the ex-president said Trump planned to run before Afghanistan. “This is nothing new. [Afghanistan] not intensified [Trump’s interest] because it convinced the Americans of the choice. “

Despite Trump’s public posing and private conversations, some advisors are still reluctant to say for sure that their boss will get into the race. After all, Trump is known for publicly flirting with an idea before changing his mind at the last second.

“For now, the president’s focus is on ensuring fair and honest elections and doing everything possible to vote America First fighters up and down,” said a senior adviser to Trump’s political operation.

Teasing a candidacy for president now works to Trump’s advantage. It freezes the long list of GOP hopefuls for 2024 and inhibits their ability to build a campaign apparatus while allowing it to continue to raise funds (although its leadership PAC cannot use more than $ 10,000 total on a presidential election). It also gives Trump the opportunity to call investigations against him and companies pure politics and build anticipation among his die-hard supporters.

At the moment, Trump is unlikely to make official announcements before midterms 2022, said several people close to Trump.

When asked about his “99 to 100 percent” confidence that Trump will run, Miller stressed in an interview that Trump had not made a final decision.

“President Trump makes no mistake, he wears it on his sleeve,” Miller told POLITICO.

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