Trump camp targets Obama’s Ebola czar

Over the past week, the President’s allies have aimed his fire at him to undermine his credibility and use Klain’s high-profile role as the face of Biden’s coronavirus response to substantiate their own arguments about Biden’s own competence.

“Ron Klain is the puppeteer. Defining Gepetto means defining Pinocchio, ”said Michael Caputo, a former Trump advisor, who pointed out that the Biden campaign released the Klain video at the same time that Biden went dark during the campaign.

The attacks on Klain are driven by a sense of urgency. While a new poll shows a majority that approves of Trump’s coronavirus response, and also shows that the Americans, with a lead of 20 points, believe that he initially reacted too slowly to the crisis – a central part of Klain’s public criticism.

“Not a single Trump supporter believes Joe Biden is capable of a coherent thought,” said Caputo. “But Ron Klain is.”

The Biden campaign dismissed the attacks on Biden and Klain as a misinformation operation to deviate from Trump’s records wrong and misleading Corona virus comments that point to a recent one survey The majority of Americans don’t show Trump, to be honest.

After successfully mastering the U.S. response to the Ebola virus in 2014, Klain is considered to be Biden’s most articulate and trustworthy replacement for what suddenly emerged as the campaign’s primary problem: the Corona virus response.

“Perhaps a video with 4.7 million views caught their attention,” said Klain in an email that summarized social media traffic across all platforms for his video.

Nobody is better suited to lead Biden’s corona virus pushback than Klain, who has been asking Trump’s questions for years Fitness to deal with a pandemic – an issue he had raised in January 2017, shortly before the new president took office.

In the summer of 2018, Klain warned that Trump was “particularly at risk” for the contagion prevention effort when the government began to eliminate the White House pandemic bureau that Klain helped build when he left the Obama administration in 2015. Klain has again intensified the criticism of the closure of the office misleading Trump said he had silenced an official from the Center for Disease Control.

“When the corona virus hit our country, no one on the National Security Council staff was assigned,” Klain said in the video. “Instead, Donald Trump sent a message to the bureaucracy – it’s not a big deal.”

The Trump campaign quickly responded to Klain’s criticism and dismissed it as “misinformation” while denying Klain’s characterization of the fate of the pandemic bureau. The Republican National Committee and conservative media highlighted Klain’s statements about Trump’s restrictions on travel to China (he called them too ineffective, but said the restrictions were ultimately good) and his earlier use of the term “Wuhan virus, “A description that Klain used before scientists adopted the name coronavirus or COVID-19.

When Klain accused on Thursday rising unemployment claims Due to Trump’s ineffectiveness in managing the virus response, the RNC described it as “disgusting”. And the Trump campaign found that Klain “wise steps”Made by the President’s Health Minister.

Trump himself clashed indirectly with Klain at the height of the 2014 midterm elections. At that time, Trump was a private individual and released a series of 100 tweets that destroyed the U.S. response to the Ebola virus. He called President Obama a “psycho” and criticized him for golfing.

“Obama has just appointed an Ebola tsar who has no medical experience and no experience in fighting infectious diseases. A total joke! ” Trump card tweeted at the time about Klain, who later won praise for his performance.

But Trump’s warnings of “chaos” and “chaos!” failed. Six days after the November 4 mid-way point when the Democrats had lost the Senate, he abruptly stopped tweeting about it.

Klain set up the pandemic bureau the following year before leaving the government in 2015. The previous summer Klain gave one apocalyptic warning that the “most likely cause of such a nightmare scenario is not … often-discussed security threats, but an often overlooked: pandemic.

During the years of Trump’s presidency, Klain continued to think his leadership and was one of the early voices of the inner circle that prepared Biden’s presidential campaign. Klain’s imprint is in the campaign’s coronavirus response plan and messages.

Sam Nunberg, a Trump campaign advisor in his 2016 offer, said the Republicans wanted to call Klain, a former Biden chief of staff, Bidens Svengali and political opportunists and compare him to one of Trump’s top consultant which the term “alternative facts. ”

“Ron Klain is made Republicans to Kellyanne Conway,” Nunberg said, adding that Klain is an inviting target because of the high levels of coronavirus.

“Obviously, Joe Biden needs as many clear and straightforward advisers as possible,” said Nunberg. “And I would appreciate Klain as a very aggressive substitute for biden.”

Biden spokesman Andrew Bates said the record shows that Trump botched the answer. If he hadn’t “disregarded Joe Biden’s public warning not to take China’s word on containment,” said Bates, “the United States may not have more coronavirus cases than any country on earth.”

On Friday night, Biden was asked by CNN’s Anderson Cooper for criticism from Trump who accused the Obama administration of failing to provide adequate guidelines exhausted medical equipmentB. Air masks that were never completely replaced after the 2009 H1N1 swine flu epidemic.

Biden suggested that he was “not part” of the government’s decision-making process and mentioned the ignored pandemic of 2017 at an angle Warnings and the Playbook Its administration left it to the incoming Trump White House.

When Klain was asked about the problem of depleted stocks the day before, too pointed out that Trump has been president since January 2017, when he and the Obama administration warned of pandemics.

“Trump has been president for three years,” said Klain. “It’s time for him to take responsibility. Perhaps this would have been done if he hadn’t abolished his pandemic preparedness office in 2018.”

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