Trump declares state of emergency in D.C. ahead of inauguration

BowseI had written to Acting Minister of Homeland Security Chad Wolf on Sunday, calling on the government to recognize a pre-disaster statement in the city in preparation for the inauguration day. In her letter, she had also asked for the US Intelligence Service’s national special security event to be extended for the inauguration from January 11th to 24th instead of the previously planned January 19-21. The DHS announced on Monday that it would extend the period until January 13th.

Wolf announced that he would step down from his position shortly before Trump’s statement on Monday, citing the ongoing issues surrounding his appointment. An administrative officer told POLITICO that he was also motivated to resign after the attack on Capitol Hill. Wolf had issued a statement the day after the attack calling on Trump to condemn the violence. “Any appearance of inciting violence by an elected official contradicts who we are as Americans,” it says.

Wolf had planned to stay in his position until the end of the administration to ensure a safe transition to Biden’s team, but wrote on Monday that he was confident the transfer would go smoothly.

When asked by reporters on Monday whether Biden was afraid to take his oath of office outdoors in the face of the recent violence, Biden replied, “No, I’m not.”

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