Trump: Gov. Cuomo would be a 'better candidate' than Biden

Trump added, “Now it’s every poll that says I’m going to win because you say [Cuomo’s] I got good grades, but I got good grades what we did in that regard. I got good grades and even from almost every democratic governor, so I got good grades too, but we always want to make sure that we have a good president and someone who is capable. I personally don’t think Joe Biden is capable. ”

While Biden held daily briefings from his Delaware home, Cuomo dominated the radio waves – often against Trump’s news – when he kept the U.S. informed of the country’s coronavirus hotspot. #PresidentCuomo was trending on Twitter last week when the governor’s approval rate skyrocketed during the crisis.

After a Siena College Research Institute survey 87 percent of New Yorkers released on Monday are in favor of the governor dealing with the outbreak, compared with 41 percent who support Trump’s handling of the crisis. The survey was conducted from March 22 to 26, via telephone calls to 566 registered voters in the State of New York, and had an error rate of 4.5 percentage points.

But Trump said the rise of the governor in the polls is not his own business.

“So I mean one of the things – and I think he would admit it – one of the reasons why he was successful when I said, ‘No, we don’t give you four hospitals and we don’t give you four medical centers and we If you don’t send a ship, he has to, and we didn’t give them thousands of ventilators and millions of masks because we sent them a lot of things. One of the reasons he is successful is because we have made him successful, “said Trump.

But on Monday, Cuomo called on Trump to politicize the pandemic, adding that he would not be involved in politics – an act he described as “counterproductive” and “anti-American” in a time of national crisis.

“I said from day one that I am not running for the President and I am not running now for the President,” Cuomo said at a press conference Monday. “I don’t play politics. I just want the partnership to take care of it. And me.” said to the president very clearly, look, if you are doing good things for my state and you are a good partner, I will be the first to say that you are a good partner and I have. I went to the Comfort ship today and said, “Thank you, Mr. President.” We opened the Javits center. I thanked the army. You did a great job here, the Army Corps of Engineers. ”

He continued: “If you help my state, I will thank you. If I think New York is not served, the federal laws that it passed, I will say so. You know, sometimes it’s easy. Just tell the truth, right? And here we are. Say the truth. If you do the right thing in New York, I’ll say it. ”

Cuomo has often praised Trump for his responsiveness, but has also openly criticized the President – often condemned for trumping politics into a global crisis. He was again critical of the President on Monday when he told MSNBC that he “could not decipher the President’s daily mumbling.”

“My plea is, and forgive me for being a little emotional, but I live with it 24 hours a day and I see people around me dying. The scientists, government officials have to get up and look the president in the eye and say that this is not a political exercise, “Cuomo said to MSNBC’s” Morning Joe, “when asked what his request to the President would be for New York to need more equipment.” This is not press work. It is not an optic . The tsunami is coming. We know it is. Now is the time to gather supplies and make preparations because it’s too late the day before. If you haven’t done the work before the storm hits, it’s too late to kill them as soon as the storm hits. And the storm comes. “

Cuomo continued: “Stop the policy. Listen to the scientists and professionals and plan, otherwise people die who don’t have to die. That is the bottom line. “

Biden had similar news for Trump on Monday, saying the President’s comments about him “justify no response.”

“Mister. President, let’s get things done. Let’s put politics aside,” Biden said on MSNBC after watching the President and Fox and Friends clip. “You know we’re more of everything “Why don’t you insist that it be produced and ask your authority of the President to do it? Nobody disagrees. Get it done. Get on and do your job. Stop advertising.”

After expressing optimism last week that the government could loosen its social distancing guidelines until Easter, Trump announced on Sunday that these measures would remain in effect until April. He told Fox News on Monday that he had made the decision in consultation with senior health officials and would rely on those officials again when considering whether to further expand the social distancing recommendations.

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