Trump has been nudging MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell to run for office

It is hardly their first meeting. Lindell has told employees that the President is encouraging him to run for the governor of Minnesota in 2022 to “keep Red” Minnesota past the 2020 race, a person with direct knowledge of his comments.

Trump told him that “he really wants me to run,” the source said, speaking to Lindell in the White House shortly after the MyPillow CEO spoke to Trump in late February.

Lindell was in town on the last weekend in February for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference and published a photo on February 29 Instagram of himself with Trump in the White House, saying he was appointed chairman of the Trump 2020 campaign in Minnesota. “We’ll make Minnesota great again!” he wrote in the headline.

White House officials have also had internal talks about Lindell’s political future, including possible candidacy for the governor. The fact that the MyPillow inventor is a “Trump Republican” delights the President’s team, according to a person familiar with the discussions, about his possible candidacy.

Lindell is “personable, has a great personality and a great story of salvation,” said this person. “It was a difficult state, but there is excitement and people are excited about the prospect that Minnesota is trending red.”

Lindell has teased a potential run for years, telling his employees that Trump wanted him to run in 2018, but apparently Lindell dropped the idea after it became clear that his company was about to be made redundant. MyPillow finally 150 workers were laid off in 2019.

Lindell, a lifelong resident of Minnesota, would face Democratic incumbent Tim Walz, who was elected in 2018. Walz currently has an approval rate of 55% and a rejection rate of 25% latest poll from the Star Tribune of Minneapolis.

In a short interview, Lindell denied that Trump had encouraged him to run. “I’ve never spoken to Donald Trump about it. I rarely have a conversation with him, maybe once in a blue moon.” A White House spokesman declined to comment.

Although he claimed he was 100 percent committed to a run in 2022, a person speaking to him added that he might be boasting. “Mike is a very boastful guy, just like Trump, where he says I do XY Z and then I totally forget it or totally decide that it is no longer in his best interest and just make it go away,” added this person added.

Lindell pushed that thought back and said, “When I say I’m doing something I’m like the President: I follow through and do it. I keep my promises.”

However, the flirt has started to become more public.

In recent weeks, Lindell has published an autobiography in which he told the local media during the interviews that he is open to the possibility of running in 2022. “You know, people keep asking me, so yes, I’ll think about it and pray about it and see if God leads me on a path,” he said during a January appearance on The Paul & Jordana Show on News Talk 830 WCCO. As he said recently Star grandstandhe appointed his son Darren as the company’s chief operating officer.[i]In the event that we do something political. ”

A Minnesota GOP employee noted that Lindell attended the Republican Governors Association winter meeting where people encouraged him to run, according to another Republican who was familiar with the talks. (Former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell, who had to resign after a gift scandal, brought him to the event in an interview, according to that person and McDonnell.)

Lindell confirmed that some governors he had met at the RGA encouraged him to run.

“They all did,” he said, speaking about the RGA participants. “Everyone encouraged me. There was a lot of encouragement. “

McDonnell, a former RGA chairman, said he met Lindell for the first time this morning at Newsmax TV at Palm Beach, and Lindell told him he was considering running for the governor.

“I think how many people do they have these life changing experiences and then they wonder how I can do that to maybe help other people. I think there is probably Mike there,” he said. “I think he has a really good heart and a desire to serve other people and that is one of the ways he is considering this.”

He said he had introduced him to Texas governor Greg Abbott, who is currently chairing the RGA, and other governors such as the governor of South Carolina, Henry McMaster. According to the Republican agent, Lindell also asked Iowa’s Kim Reynolds about the realities of governance. “He never runs for office, so he tries to find out what to expect if he wins and how he does a good job,” said the employee.

Lindell’s self-published autobiography documents his rise from a crack cocaine addict to the multi-millionaire inventor of MyPillow, who brought her in $ 300 million in sales in 2017. His uninterrupted lo-fi infomercials in Fox News have made him an ubiquitous presence on the Trump-friendly network and given him unprecedented awareness in the state.

Amy Koch, a political strategist for the GOP in Minnesota, said she believed Lindell would make a strong candidate given his reputation, his loyalty to Trump, his deep pockets – and the lack of any potential competition in primary education. “The Minnesota GOP has had no success since 2006 [former governor Tim] Pawlenty in a nationwide race, ”she said to POLITICO.

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