Trump: ‘I do have a very good idea’ about Kim Jong Un

Trump: ‘I do have a very good idea’ about Kim Jong Un

“I hope he’s fine,” added the president. “I know relatively well how he is doing. We will see. You will probably hear about it in the not too distant future.”

Trump has vehemently rejected news reports about Kim’s health, calling the CNN report “fake” that the North Korean leader could be seriously ill.

“I have a good relationship with Kim Jong Un and I hope he’s fine,” Trump told reporters last week.

Meanwhile, North Korean media organizations have kept silent about the swirling rumors and published old or undated statements from Kim. On Monday, North Korean state media reported that he was sending “his appreciation” to workers who were creating a tourist zone in the Wonsan region. And at the weekend, a South Korean official told Fox News that Seoul believed the North Korean leader was “alive and well.”

Nahal Toosi contributed to this report.


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