Trump: I haven’t consulted past presidents

There are enough precedents for current presidents to urge former presidents to intervene. In particular, Bush has received the help of Clinton and President George H.W. Bush raised voluntary contributions after Hurricane Katrina – just like they did to help victims of the 2004 tsunami relief. Carter conducted diplomatic missions during his years after the president.

America is facing an increasing number of critically ill coronavirus patients and a lack of emergency medical equipment. Governors, mayors, and frontline health workers have explained this not yet received sensible amounts of federal aid. The Trump administration has been criticized for being too slow to respond to the threat thinking too much in the short term about possible solutions to the pandemic.

There have been at least 33,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States and over 400 deaths. for a database from Johns Hopkins University.

On Sunday, Trump cited a former president in great detail during his extensive press conference. When discussing the sacrifices he made as president, Trump reiterated the story that founding father George Washington had two desks – one for his business, one for his presidency. Historians have exposed this story.

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